You'll Never Wish Another One

Our service starts long before the aircraft leaves the departure airport; it begins at the moment you call us or place a request in our inbox. From that moment on, we are with you all the way—that is our promise.

The overflying and landing permits; the coordination amongst the pilots, the company, and third parties; the escorts of all passengers and pilots through customs and immigration, amongst other things, will always be ready for you.

Special requests could also be prepared at your will.

Ground Handling Includes:

  • Overflying and Landing Permits
  • Personal Assistance
  • Customs & Immigration Clearance
  • Airport Information
  • Ramp Services
  • Flight Coordination
  • Weather Briefing and Information
  • Bilingual Pilot Navigators
  • Fueling Coordination
  • Arrangements of Visas
  • Arrangements for the Internationalization of Domestic Airports